Trajan Saw Works of Houston, Texas, manufactures a full line of modern and efficient band saw machines; horizontal and vertical; automatic, semi-automatic and manual; roll in and floor mounted for the band sawing industry, worldwide.

Trajan’s complete line of band saw machines make use of the latest engineering techniques and protocols to manufacture modern, reliable and efficient band saw machines for small “job shops”, fabricating shops; mid-sized company’s involved in steel fabrication and production; aerospace, petroleum and the steel industry itself.


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Trajan Saw Works manufactures fourteen (14) different band saws that allow the operator flexibility and many options for production sawing based on their different needs.

The table top Trajan 150 for example, is a variable speed, 70 lb highly portable saw, that features a 0 to 60 degre left mitre that also offers clean, non-lubricated ease of cutting from a 115 Volt, single phase power source. Innovations include a simplified blade tensioning system and an anti-reset safety funtion.

The Trajan 20, one of the most popular saws in the Trajan line, is a horizontal, semi-automatic, heavy duty, hydraulic. Mitre band saw that has a 3 HP motor. The Trajan 20 has the capacity to use up to a 1.0” band saw blade that is 13’10” long. This floor mount machine has a large, extra strong table for secure and stable mounting onto the floor; and, has a designed ”Tru-Lock” vice system for fast and secure clamping of the material being cut. This machine is designed and has the features for cooling lubricants and has a hose and nozzle for easy clean up.

The Trajan 510A Dual Column Semi- Automatic Band Saw, use a 1.25”, 19’ 2” band saw blade. This variable blade speed machine is driven by a 7.5 HP motor, includes a blade tensioning device and a hydraulic vice as well as a standard work light.

Another of the machines in the Trajan line is the Trajan 914V, a vertical band saw machine, that features a self feeding mechanism with either a 1 or 3 HP motor. This vertical machine incorporates 9” of throat capacity and 14” of height capacity. It is able to incorporate a 10’ x .25” band saw blade; has a swivel vice; heavy duty cast iron table and a Blade Speed and Pitch Selector implement included.

With another ten (10) models to choose from, Trajan Saw Works has the machining hardware and the expertise in their staff knowlege base to offer any option that you might have in your personal or production sawing requirements. The experts at Trajan Saw Works can be reached either by seeing their entire line at Metal Sawing Technology.